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Cuadrienal de Escenografía

CUADRIENAL DE PRAGA - PQ 2019 (6 -16 Xuño 2019)

A Escola Superior de Arte Dramática de Galicia vai participar, en colaboración con catro escolas superiores de Arte Dramática que imparten a especialidade de Escenografía no conxunto do Estado (RESAD de Madrid, ESAD de Córdoba, ESAD de Sevilla, ESAD de Valencia), na Cuadrienal de Praga, a feira máis importante do mundo no ámbito profesional escenográfico. O alumnado que cursa escenografía na ESAD de Galicia terá a oportunidade de participar neste proxecto no que desenvolverá todo o proceso de deseño e construción, a partir dun enfoque colaborativo e de compromiso entre todas as escolas participantes.

 Pavillón de España: Industrial Palace, Prague Exhibition Grounds

“El pabellón de escuelas será un elemento-instalación en sí mismo,
o una muestra de trabajos individualizados de los jóvenes artistas en formación, formados y/o en activo”.
Felisa de Blas
Comisaria do Pavillón de estudantes.

What's PQ 2015?

The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space was established to bring the best of Performance Design, Scenography and Theatre Architecture to the front line of cultural activities to be experienced by the professionals as well as the public. The Quadrennial exhibitions, festival and education programs act as a catalyst of creative progress by encouraging experimentation, networking, innovation and future collaborations. PQ aims to honor, empower and celebrate the work of the designers, artists and architects as well as inspire and educate our audiences without whom our work wouldn’t make sense.

Since 1967 Prague Quadrennial strives to present performance design as an art form concerned with creation of active performance environments, that are far beyond merely decorative or beautiful, but that are emotionally charged, where design can become a quest, a question, an argument, a threat, a resolution and an agent of change… Performance design is a collaborative field where the artists mix, fuse and blur the lines between various art and other disciplines to search for new approaches and new visions.

The core of this international event consists of exhibitions from more than 60 countries from all over the world with overall international attendance from over 75 countries.

Since 2009 the Prague Quadrennial has been organizing wide variety of international projects and activities in time between the main quadrennial events. The year round program includes performances, exhibitions, symposia, workshops, residencies and many educational events to serve as an international platform for exploring the practice, theory and education of contemporary performance design/scenography as an expanded field. In past 4 years PQ projects brought together as many as 8 000 theatre professionals and students, and more than 220 000 visitors from all over the world.

The 13th edition of the Prague Quadrennial took place from 18 to 28 June 2015. The main theme was SharedSpace: Music Weather Politics. The aim of PQ’15 was to make invisible scenography environments, that deeply affect us despite being intangible, visible. Apart from the traditional, competitive Section of Countries and Regions and Student Section, PQ’15 also included the Performing Space section, focusing on architecture. Specialties of PQ’15 were the Objects, Makers and Tribes accompanying exhibitions and live events, which were in galleries and public spaces in the centre of Prague.

PQ’15 also included the traditional student performances in the streets and theatres of Prague, which this year carried the title Zlomvaz Festival as part of the SpaceLabeducational project. Lectures, discussions and SpaceLab workshops with leading world experts from theatre and the arts formed a major part of PQ’15.