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Welcome to ESAD de Galicia

Since 2006 ESAD de Galicia has been training professionals in the world of theatre through a specialized educational program and personalized teaching approach that enables students to excel in all theatrical areas and disciplines. This focus is not only technical, but also artistic and philosophical. A faculty of more than 35 professors and a prime location by the Atlantic coast and near the Portuguese border make ESAD de Galicia an excellent place to study. Our modern, purpose-built teaching facility, inaugurated in 2009, includes a theatre (Sala Pedra Seixa) in addition to classrooms, rehearsal spaces and a library housing one of Galicia’s best collections on theatre, with more than 8,000 volumes, books and magazines. Its holdings include first editions, videos and all kinds of publications related to the dramatic arts.

Recently, ESADg has joined the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education  in the Performing Arts, which focuses on building a global platform for higher education institutions to gather, learn from each other, organize exchanges involving scholars, artists and students, and tackle common important academic, artistic and institutional issues. It supports the development of the performing arts in developed and developing countries, with particular emphasis on Africa, helping to improve accessibility to performing arts higher education.  If you want to know more about the network, you can visit the following website: https://iti-unesco-network.org/esadg.html

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Fernando Llera Rodríguez
Juan Cabaleiro Vaquero

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Stage Direction & Dramaturgy is divided into two options: the first is oriented towards directors and the second towards playwrights, specialists in theatrical theory and criticism, and drama teachers.
Among the subjects studied are: Textual Analysis, History of the Performing Arts, Theory and Practice of Stage Direction, Dramatic Literature, Contemporary Theatre Staging, Illumination, Theory, Critical Practice and Theory, Introduction to Scenic Design, Acting with involvement in several theatre productions throughout the year.

Scenography (Design for the Stage) is a program that prepares students to work creatively and professionally as set and costume designers. They learn through collaboration with other design and production courses, developing an understanding of the specialist practitioners with whom they are likely to work during their careers, such as lighting and sound designers, puppeteers, constructors, stage managers and technical production teams.

As the basis of a collaborative approach to design, students will share some workshops with acting students, enabling a deeper mutual insight into each other’s practices and methodologies.

The Acting course offers two different programs:

Students may choose between our two acting programs:

  • Acting course. Offers a comprehensive classical and contemporary actor training and prepares actors who aim to become artists in theatre, film and televisión. Among the course topics are Text- based Acting, Voice, Dramatic Literature, History of Theatre, Make-Up and many others.
  • Physical Theatre course. Offers a specialized course for theatre practitioners that develops their expertise in movement for the stage. Students will create new work applying an extensive range of methodologies and techniques (Lecoq, Decroux, Laban, etc) for take a leading role in theatre creation. Among the many subjects are: Mime, Movement, Acrobatics, Voice, Fencing, Dramatic Literature, Make-Up and Mask Work.

In all our programs students are encouraged to participate in theatre productions throughout their courses as part of their training.

ESAD de Galicia welcomes students within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program. You can apply either for one semester or for the full academic year. If you are considering an application, please take into account the following conditions:

  1. An inter institutional agreement must exist between your institution and ESAD de Galicia. If the document has not been signed yet, please contact your Erasmus Coordinator in order to start the process.
  2. Your Erasmus coordinator must send your nomination by email to international@esadgalicia.com, clearly stating your name, family name, the degree you are applying for and the duration of your mobility.
  3. Our lectures are in both Galician and Spanish. Eventually you can also follow some subjects where the teacher is open to facilitate a learning environment that combines English and Spanish. For all our programs, the required levels of competence are the following: Spanish Level B1 and/or English Level B2.
  4. In order to apply please use the Application Form (see below).
  5. You will be asked to attach the following documents:

Student Application form with photo
Curriculum vitae (in Spanish or English)
Motivation letter (in Spanish or English)
Transcript of Records
Portfolio (only for students applying for Scenography)

⇓ ESADG Student-Application-Form INCOMING

The aims and responsibility of the International Department is to provide the best experience for both students who regularly enter ESAD-G and for those who come temporarily with an Erasmus + mobility. Both this Department and the teaching team of ESAD-G do as much as possible to adapt as far as possible their teaching and the regulation of artistic education in our country to the needs of validation of ECTS credits of new Erasmus students.

All applications received by ESADg will be sent to the appropriate departments and specializations, which will make the selection amongst the candidates. Once that selection is made, the ESAD-G will provide letters of acceptance or rejection to each applicant’s home institution.

ESADg is an institution specialized in Dramatic Art included in the Spanish Higher Education System of Artistic Studies. It is mainly dedicated to the education and professionalization of actors, playwrights, directors and set designers. Our classes rarely have more than 16 students. These students have gone through a demanding selection process and once in a group they follow a common curriculum during their four years of training. Entry into ESAD-G is subject to certain parameters – ratio and profiles – which must be respected as much as possible to guarantee our teaching. We are very happy to collaborate internationally in the exchange of Erasmus students and we do everything possible for these exchanges to happen.

  • Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (Finlandia) · www.seamk.fi/en
    Programmes: Production and Cultural Management.
    Bilateral Agreement – SF SEINAJO06 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2014-2021.
  • Kunstuniversität Graz (Graz, Austria) · www.kug.ac.at
    Programmes: Acting, Stage direction.
    Bilateral Agreement – A GRAZ03 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • ESNAT – Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre (Lyon, Francia) · www.ensatt.fr
    Programmes: Acting, Lighting Design and Stage Management.
    Bilateral Agreement – F LYON114 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • ARCADA – University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finlandia) · www.arcada.fi
    Programmes: Production and Cultural Management.
    Bilateral Agreement – SF HELSINK39 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2016-2021.
  • Anadolu University (Turquía) · www.anadolu.edu.tr/en/hakkinda
    Programmes: Acting, Theatre History.
    Bilateral Agreement – ANADOLU TR ESKISEH01 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • AALTO University (Finlandia) · www.aalto.fi
    Programmes: Design for Theatre, Film and Television; Costume Design.
    Bilateral Agreement – FINLAND Aalto _ SF ESPOO12 + ESAD VIGO 2014-2021.
  • ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo (Porto, Portugal) · www.esmae.ipp.pt
    Programmes: Acting, Set Design, Costume Design, Light Design.
    Bilateral Agreement – ESMAE – P PORTO 05 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2020.
  • ESAP – Escola Superior Artística do Porto (Oporto, Portugal) · www.esap.pt
    Programmes: Acting, Set Design, Stage Direction.
    Bilateral Agreement – ESAP – P PORTO08 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2014-21.
  • ETCS – Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisboa, Portugal) · www.estc.ipl.pt
    Programmes: Theatre, Cinema, Acting, Set Design, Costume Design, Production-Management.
    Bilateral Agreement – ETCS LISBOA 05 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • ESTAL – Escola Superior de Tecnologias e Artes de Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal) · www.estal.pt
    Programmes: Acting, Direction, Dramaturgy.
    Bilateral Agreement – ESTAL LISBOA 113 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • IADT – Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology · (Dublín, Irlanda) · www.iadt.ie
    Programmes: Design and Visual Arts, Film and Media, Technology and Psychology.
    Bilateral Agreement – IRL DUBLIN38 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2015.
  • JAMU – Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (Brno, República Checa) · english.jamu.cz/jamu/difa.html
    Programmes: Acting, Dramaturgy, Stage Direction, Set & Costume Design, Puppets.
    Bilateral Agreement – Jamu CZ BRNO 01 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • University of Exeter (Exeter, UK) · exeter.ac.uk
    Programmes: Drama (only teaching staff).
    Bilateral Agreement – UK EXETER 01 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2017.
  • University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) · www.uminho.pt
    Programmes: Theatre, Literature, Education.
    Bilateral Agreement – uMinho BRAGA 01 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles – École supérieure des Arts (Bruselas, Bélxica) · www.conservatoire.be
    Programmes: Acting.
    Bilateral Agreement – B BRUXEL 07 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2021.
  • Latvian Academy of Culture (Riga, Letonia) · www.lka.edu.lv
    Programmes: Acting, Direction, Dramaturgy, Audiovisual.
    Bilateral Agreement – LV RIGA 08 + ESAD VIGO 08- 2014-2015.
  • University of Arts in Poznan (Poznam, Polonia) · uap.edu.pl/en/university
    Programmes: audiovisual creation, set design.
    Bilateral Agreement – PL POZNAM 03 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2014-2021.
  • University Vysoka skola muzickych umeni v Bratislave (VSMU) – [ Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava ] (Bratislava, Eslovaquia) · http://vsmu.sk/
    Programmes: acting, set design, theatre management.
    Bilateral Agreement – SK BRATISL 05 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2014-2021.
  • Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi – Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź (Łódź, Polonia) · www.int.asp.lodz.pl
    Programmes: audiovisual creation, set & costume design.
    Bilateral Agreement – PL LODZ 05 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2014-2021.
  • Нов български университет – New Bulgarian University (Sofía, Bulgaria) · www.nbu.bg/en
    Programmes: acting.
    Bilateral Agreement – BG SOFIA02 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2014-2021.
  • Stockholm University of the Arts UNIARTS – Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola (Stockholm, Sweden) · www.uniarts.se/english
    Programmes: Acting.
    Bilateral Agreement – STOCKHO27 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2017-2021.
  • Beykent University (Istambul, Turkey) · www.beykent.edu.tr/?l=en-US
    Programmes: Acting.
    Bilateral Agreement – TR ISTANBU 09 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2017-2021 BEYKENT UNIVERSITY ISTANBUL.
  • Hacettepe University (Istambul, Turkey) · www.abofisi.hacettepe.edu.tr/eng
    Programmes: Acting.
    Bilateral Agreement – TK ANKARA 03 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2016-2021.
  • Accademia Nazionale Arte Drammatica “Silvio d’Amico” (Roma, Italy) · www.accademiasilviodamico.it
    Programmes: Acting.
    Bilateral Agreement – I ROMA 29 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2016-2021.
  • Doğuş University (Istanbul, Turkey) · www.dogus.edu.tr
    Programmes: Acting.
    Bilateral Agreement – TR ISTANBU12 + ESAD VIGO 08 – 2016-2021.

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